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Celebrate life's miracles with our clay creations!

We love working with clay because of its endless possibilities, and the opportunity it brings us to be a part of many joyous celebrations. Through the process of tailoring each design to suit the occasion and its recipients, we have been touched by the many stories that has been shared with us. At the same time, we have come to appreciate life a tiny bit more as we witness the abounding love around us.

Our customers' stories have allowed us to handcraft each product as a unique and personal gift that is true to their imagination. After receiving an order, each of our clay product is lovingly and individually handmade with exceptional and intricate care through the process of kneading, molding, curing, sanding, painting, and finally, sealing with glaze. Each product thus requires precision, dedication and dozens of hours for its completion.  

Oh Glorious Clay also wants to make the world a better place through our inclusive hiring practices. We seek those who have been marginalized from the mainstream job market to provide them not only with stable employment, but also the opportunity to pick up useful skills and improve their well-being. Your customized creations will bring joy not only to you and your loved ones, but hopefully, also the people we serve.