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Welcome to Oh Glorious Clay!

We specialize in designing and creating polymer clay products that are unique and personal to each recipient. Our products have a handcrafting and artisanal quality that makes them incomparable and distinctive.

Come and see how we can help to commemorate your special occasions and immortalize your memories in clay. 

Collaboration with A Brush with Mel

Collaboration with A Brush with Mel

I first met Mel during a meeting with a group of artisans. Mel was open in sharing about her experiences and I admired her courage for leaving her full-time job to pursue her passion in painting. She was carrying a cute little purse with her beautifully hand-painted florals and my first thought was, "Those would look perfect on Charlotte's dishes!"

I shared my idea with Charlotte and she was open to collaborate with Mel. We were thankful that Mel agreed to come on board and we had her come over to Charlotte's home studio to create a special Valentine's Day dish. Watching her work gave me an additional insight to the creative processes that artisans go through. Both she and Charlotte are meticulous and take great pride in their work. When we see their finished products, we acknowledge the intricate details and the effort that was put in. What we don't see however, is the thought process, the occasional self-doubt and uncertainty, the mistakes, the do-overs, the sighs of relief and sense of satisfaction when it all turns out as planned.

Though there is some apprehension that our Valentine's Day dishes may not be well-received, I am proud of the great teamwork that has enabled this collaboration to work out. It's amazing to see how open minds and open hearts can create such tremendous results. 

Looking forward to a Valentine's Day filled with love and joy all around! <3

- Sila

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!