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Welcome to Oh Glorious Clay!

We specialize in designing and creating polymer clay products that are unique and personal to each recipient. Our products have a handcrafting and artisanal quality that makes them incomparable and distinctive.

Come and see how we can help to commemorate your special occasions and immortalize your memories in clay. 

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Oh Glorious Clay started in Jan 2017 as a passion project by two individuals, Angez and myself and before we knew it, there was enough demand for us to launch it as a business. I am a ballet teacher while Angez is a designer and the commitments required by our full-time jobs made it a challenge to manage our orders. Since then, I've reduced my workload to dedicate more time into crafting while Angez decided to focus on her full-time job.

As the business expanded, Sila, a fellow ex-social worker came on board to help with hiring those who are marginalized from the mainstream job market due to their psychosocial needs. We had a vision of making Oh Glorious Clay a platform that gave such people opportunities to develop their skills and improve their well-being, while working towards their own long-term goals. M came on board and she has been such an asset to the team with her hard work and honest feedback.

Looking forward to 2018, we hope to build on our success from the past year. It gets really challenging at times, having to work every day, but our passion for the craft and social mission keeps us going. I am also grateful for each and every one of our customers, for sharing your beautiful life stories and entrusting me to capture them through my clay creations. It’s truly a privilege. :)

So here’s to 2017, for the initial blood, sweat, tears followed by the sweet moments, amazing collaboration opportunities as well as all the love and blessings from our family and friends. The launch of this website is another important step for us as we look ahead to 2018. Looking forward to more exciting adventures!

- Charlotte

Collaboration with A Brush with Mel

Collaboration with A Brush with Mel